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FUTUR is a catalyst, empowering a relationship of reciprocal wellbeing between our Planet and us. FUTUR provides living and housing systems that strive to make a life in harmony with Earth possible – at scale, proportionate to the existential crises we face. FUTUR is a Paradigm Shift.


KÔN = Heart

KÔN is the heart of FUTUR Design Principles, and Housing Systems. KÔN is born of our humanity. It reflects the holistic vision of FUTUR, both technically and aesthetically

— a regenerative life in harmony with EARTH.

Transitional Regenerative Living

It all begins at HÔM

We all know things cannot go on as they are. 
Together we are called to create a regenerative future. 
This is a process. 
But where do we start?

Let us start at the place where we have the most agency for transformation.

Let us start at HÔM:

Transitional (adjective) 
Marked by transition, involving, providing, or consisting of a passage, movement or change from one state, condition, subject, place, etc. to another

Regeneration (noun) 
1) An act or the process of regenerating: the state of being regenerated 
2) Spiritual renewal or revival  
3) Renewal or restoration of a body, bodily part, or biological system (such as a forest) after injury or as a normal process 
4) Utilization by special devices of heat or other products that would ordinarily be lost

Living (noun) 
1) The condition of being alive 
2) Means of subsistence: livelihood 
3) Conduct or manner of life

Absolute Community

Community of Life

We can only build a regenerative future together.

We see communities coming to life that restore the land and create wild habitat, reinforcing biodiversity. Communities which provide themselves and their neighbors with delicious regenerative food and thrive in rich permaculture landscapes.

FUTUR understands itself as a part of the community of Life and carries this responsibility in its relationships with all its stakeholders — accountable to our customers, employees, community and EARTH.

Circular Economy

Business as usual is the problem.
A Circular Economy is the solution.

A Circular Economy is one which strives to eliminate waste and environmental destruction moving away from the current system of linear extraction, use, and disposal and towards a cyclical system of reuse, recycling, and regeneration.

It is a paradigm shift from life serving the economy to an economy which serves life.
FUTUR contributes to this shift by catalyzing reciprocal wellbeing in our economy by creating symbiotic relationships between people, the planet, and enterprise. We do this in the following ways:

  • Turning waste streams into resources
  • Planting more trees than we use
  • Increasing bio-diversity where we build
  • Providing equitable pay, benefits, and company ownership for our employees

Positive Human Impact

Being a part of the solution

FUTUR is here to empower positive human impact through applied and regenerative,
systematic, and purposeful, activity. We welcome all who wish to join us on this journey to a
regenerative future.

FUTUR is a catalyst, facilitating and empowering a relationship of reciprocal wellbeing
between our planet and us. It is a holistic vision for a new way of living, striving for harmony with

Positive (adjective)
a) Indicating, relating to, or characterized by affirmation, addition, inclusion, or presence rather
than negation, withholding or absence
b) Contributing toward or characterized by increase or progression
c) Real and numerically greater than zero

a) Having a good effect: favorable
b) marked by optimism

Human (noun)
YOU ...hello Neo…

Join us in the regenerative revolution


name: Eliot Livingston Wilson
Eliot Livingston Wilson
Founder, CEO & Design Lead

Eliot’s passion for the past twenty years is rooted in developing real solutions for housing in the context of our ecological crises. Eliot studied architecture and fine arts in Germany, graduating with a BFA in 2016.

name: Marius Amstutz
Marius Amstutz
Construction Management

Originally from Switzerland, Marius is a trained timber framer and builder here in the Hudson Valley. He founded his company, Hudson Valley Timber Works and Restoration in 2019, and has been in business for himself as a general contractor for the past six years. 

name: Simon Imanuel Lucas
Simon Imanuel Lucas
Architecture & Design

Simon has a degree in Architecture from Alanus University, Alfter, Germany. He is specialized in the development of design solutions in addressing climate change and ecological crisis as well as parametric automated design processes.

name: Kerstin Janzen
Kerstin Janzen
Permaculture Design

Kerstin has roughly 30 years of experience in permacultural landscape design and implementation as well as a BFA from Alanus University, Alfter, Germany.

name: Paul Munguia
Paul Munguia
Financial Planning

Paul Munguia got his BA of Business Administration from St. Edwards University in Austin, TX. He is an experienced operations and finance professional and founded an agency that helps co-build early-stage ventures. Today he helps entrepreneurs launch and scale businesses.

name: John Van Ness Philip
John Van Ness Philip
Legal Counsel

John is a graduate of Princeton and Columbia Law School. In practice for 30 years, John has extensive experience with startups and small businesses both in business formation and in handling their contract and litigation matters.

name: Isabel Church Livingston
Isabel Church Livingston
Angel Advisor and Ambassador

While raising four sons as a single Mother, Isabel earned her BA in Creative Arts, and later, a Certificate in Fundraising Management. Working as a professional gardener for many decades she has become acutely aware of the dangerous environmental challenges we face, and the urgent need for change. As an Elder and board member of various cultural institutions, Isabel is moved to use her skills and experience to help facilitate the creation of a regenerative future.

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